I hold a degree in Digital Design from the IT University of Copenhagen, where I have specialized in interaction design and did a thesis concerning user experience in smart homes of the future. I have experience with UX design and research in highly innovative settings and have also been lecturing at university from 2015 to 2017 in the courses ‘Experimental Interaction’, ‘Digital media’ and ‘Creative Digital Practice’ at the IT University of Copenhagen.

I furthermore have a background in philosophy from the University of Copenhagen, where I focused on human experience and aesthetics and incorporated minors in user psychology and Human-Computer-Interaction.

This has given me the ability to rapidly gain critical perspectives on projects, and I believe a holistic and agile approach to technology can pave the way for new innovative products and environments.

My experience resides handling the human-centered design process and the intangibles of UX research. I always seek to challenge the boundaries of technology in order to design for innovative, meaningful and pleasurable user-experiences with interactive products and applications. One of my biggest concerns is that we design for things that are meaningful for people in their everyday life - therefore the Interet of Things is of great interest to me.

Recently I’ve been conducting user research in a project focused on user-centric design of intelligent lighting within SaaS and IOT.

On a personal note

I enjoy drawing and painting (besides all my sketches and personas) whenever I find the time. I like surrounding myself with quite a bit of classical Danish Design, be it furniture or other products (and hunting for it 2nd hand so my wallets don't get emptied).

Of more sedentary activities I enjoy the poetry of May Swenson, Ashbery and Nordbrandt. Recent books like Paul Harding's Tinkers and Krasznahorkai's Melancholy of Resistance or Seibo there Below are works I find hauntingly beautiful for their use of language and pace - an obsession I've had since reading Proust and D.F. Wallace. When not reading another Jakob Nielsen article, I will usually stick my nose into most theoretical Philosophy and Psychology - usually concerning experience and behaviour. All activities I just described are accompanied by a cup of green tea (or the occasional wine).

On a more physical note, my favourite modes of activity comes in the form of Biking, Crossfit, Running, Hiking, Basketball and the occasional visit to the sauna and ocean in the winter. For viewing purposes I enjoy Ice Hockey a lot.

For other viewing purposes, watching documentaries such as Cosmos by Carl Sagan or anything related to nature is something I have a hard time saying no to. Speaking of space and nature: I used to be a Master League Player in Starcraft and furthermore the Soul Series has been a long time favourite (it's okay if these names mean nothing to you, but you're missing out!).

Lastly, I have quite the metabolism and consume large quantities of food - purely related to plants - but you'd be surprised at how many cakes and other goodies can be squeezed into that equation. :)




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